Ale Asylum Brewing Co.Hopalicious Amercian Pale Ale5.7
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co.Bud Light4.2
Ballast Point Brewing Co.California Amber Ale5.5
Ballast Point Brewing Co.Manta Ray Imperial IPA8.5
Blue Moon Brewing Co.Belgium White Ale5.4
Capital Brewing Co.Wisconsin Amber Lager5.1
Central Waters Brewing Co.Illuminaion Double IPA9
Central Waters Brewing Co.Mudpuppy Porter Nitro5.5
Coors Brewing Co.Coors Light4.2
Epic Brewing Co.Tart and Juicy Sour IPA4.6
Founders Brewing Co.Azzaca IPA7
Goose Island Brewing Co.Hombre Secreto Tropico9.1
Karben4 Brewing Co.Fantasy Factory India Pale Ale6.3
Karben4 Brewing Co.Lady Luck Red NITRO7.2
Leinenkugels Brewing Co.Summer Shandy4.2
Mershon’s CideryApples and Honey Cider6
Merson’s CideryCinnamon Apple Cider5
Miller Brewing Co.Miller Lite4.2
Mobcraft Brewing Co.Oddball Kolsch4.5
New Glarus Brewing Co.Spotted Cow4.8
New Glarus Brewing Co.Moon Man
Next Door Brewing Co.Livacious Peach Lavender5
O’so Brewing Co.The Big O Wheat5.5
O'so Brewing CompanyHop Whoopin’ IPA NITRO7
O'so Brewing CompanyHop Debacle New England Style IPA5.8
Rogue Brewing Co.Dead Guy Ale6.5
St. James GatesGuinness Stout4.2
Three Floyds Brewing Co.Robert the Bruce Scottish Ale6.5
Vintage Brewing Co.Old College Try Rye IPA6.5